Application Procedures

Online application for 2021-2022 academic year will open on 1st September 2020 to 10th October 2020. Should you have any questions regarding admission, please call us at 2795 1018 (Shum Wan campus) or 2875 0452 (South Horizons campus).


Eligibility for admission for 2020 – 2021 School Year:

 Year-Level  Age  Birth date of Child  Start dates   in class
 Crèche  Starts from age of 18   months  1st September  2019 –   30th June 2020  September   2021
 (*The school   will confirm   of their start   date   according to   child’s date   of   birth)
 Pre-   Nursery  Starts from age of 2   years old  1st October 2018 –
 31st  August 2019
 September   2021
 K1  Starts from age of 2.8   years old  Born on or before 2018  September   2021
 K2  Starts from age of 3.8   years old  Born on or before 2017  September     2021
 K3  Starts from age of 4.8   years old  Born on or before 2016  September   2021


First registered first served

Allocation of places and preference on morning or afternoon session (where applicable) will be allocated on a “first registered first served” basis. It is important that you put in your application early in order to get your preferred session.


Admission schedule for 2021 – 2022 enrolment:



 September   2020  Admission starts
 October and   November 2020  First Round Interviews (On Saturdays) – for  applications   received in September 2020 to 10th October 2020
 December 2020  First Round  Result Released
 First Round Registration (Deposit & CCF)
 January to   February 2021  Second Round Interviews (On Saturdays) – for   applications received between November to December     2020
 March 2021  Second Round Registration (Deposit & CCF)
 March – June   2021  Final Round Interviews (Weekdays / Saturdays) – for   applications received between January to 17th July 2021.
 (*Individual / small group interviews will be arranged   accordingly at the end of each month)
 May 2021  Complete Enrolment (All first and second round     registered students)
 July 2021               Complete Enrolment (All final round registered   students)
 August 2021       (Last two  weeks)  New Parents Orientation Day (One Saturday)
 Orientation Program for Creche & Pre-Nursery Classes   (Accommodation Class)

For students who wish to attend Rightmind Kindergarten, school information seminar, parents interview and demo class will be arranged according to the admission date of student.


Procedures for admission

  1. Complete the online application*.

Parents are required to prepare a digital copy of the following documents for the submission to our online application system (max. size of 2MB per file):

  • A copy of the birth certificate of child.
  • One recent passport-sized photo of child.
  • For non-locally born children, a copy of passport pages of child showing the photograph ID of child and HK Visa Approval Stamps must be attached, to show the authorized residency status.

* The fields on the application form marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. Leaving the mandatory fields empty will cause failure of submission of the form.

  1. A demo session will be arranged for all applicants, the demo class fee  of $500 will be completed through PayPal after your submission; parents may also choose to pay by credit card. After submitting your child’s application, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application. A later email will be sent to you regarding the school information session. Parents are encouraged to attend one of the school information seminars to have a better understanding of the school’s value, vision and mission. (Please click here for more details and seminars registration.) Following that, another email of the parent’s interview and demo class arrangement will be sent to you.


Payment procedures are as follows, please ensure you complete all 7 steps of the application:


Step 1 – Instructions

Step 2 – Personal Info

Step 3 – Docs Upload

Step 4 – Confirmation

Step 5 – Submission

Step 6 – Payment

PayPal or Credit Card Page

*After completing the payment at PayPal, please click on “Back to Rightmind Limited” to proceed.

Step 7 – Finish